Strategic outsourcing for health systems

A new model for innovation in revenue cycle operations.


Interactive e-book

Outsourcing isn’t new, but it’s evolving.

It’s moving beyond simple point-solutions that silo operations, or widgets that address single process steps, or overreacting to the latest buzzword. It’s growing into a more strategic tool to transfer processes from your business to a partner that’s going to result in better quality and speed of delivery, share financial risk and reduce expenses.

This e-book explores a new model for revenue cycle operations that:

  • Provides perspective on turning industry challenges into opportunities.
  • Identifies characteristics of an ideal future state for revenue cycle operations.
  • Addresses concerns with traditional outsourcing models.
  • Shares key innovation strategies.
  • Promotes real, positive transformation through proven implementation practices.

Health care organizations are feeling a tremendous amount of pressure across the revenue cycle from reimbursement changes, growth in consumerism and increasing regulations. As a result, they are looking carefully at what initiatives should be driven by internal experts compared to those, such as revenue cycle, that are best suited for a strategic partner with the right expertise.

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