Drive accurate coding and reimbursement

Such a significant leap in code volume and coding structure under ICD-10 means hospitals and physicians need to equip coders with the tools they need to stay productive and maintain accuracy.

Optum360 coding solutions not only support coders, they transform processes so that coders spend less time hunting for information and more time building comprehensive records that reflect even the tiniest details of services provided.

Enterprise Computer-Assisted Coding Platform
Optum360 Enterprise CAC is powered by Optum™ LifeCode®, the only natural language processing technology in the industry that understands medical records to gather clinical facts with their full context. In addition to assigning accurate codes at the onset of the coding process, it reads documentation and identifies high-yield clinical documentation improvement opportunities while patients are still on site. Enterprise CAC can help you realize revenue gains by completing coding processes faster and more accurately, automating clinical documentation improvement, accelerating reimbursement, and reducing administrative costs.

Coding Service
Providers often face a coder shortage yet have to prepare for the granularity and complexity of ICD-10. Optum360 Coding Service can help you overcome staffing challenges. Our team of experienced, certified coders works remotely and efficiently using advanced, proprietary Optum360 applications. We can help you receive appropriate reimbursement throughout the switch to ICD-10, as well as provide audit tracking and detailed data trending.

Coding Reference
Prepare for a successful transition to ICD-10 with the latest ICD-10 code set, mapping and training products and resources from Optum360. From web-based and software solutions to add-on modules and data files, our suite of eSolutions helps streamline coding, billing and reimbursement practices by providing accurate, timely code sets, billing information, and more. Likewise, our print coding, billing and payment reference guides are reliable tools that help save time, minimize costly mistakes, and improve billing efficiency.

Education and Training
Simplify your transition to ICD-10 with training and education tailored to every learner, including eLearning training modules, on-site custom training, and consulting assessment services. This actionable training can apply to the day-to-day job functions of coders, clinical staff and support staff alike.

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