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We can help you meet the ongoing demands for accurate documentation, coding and reimbursement. Powered by industry-leading technology and algorithms honed over decades in the market, our coding and CDI solutions support peak performance and operational success.

Our patented natural language processing (NLP) reads and understands clinical documentation to recognize key facts, assign codes and identify potential gaps and quality events. Its automated, continuous review enables documentation improvement concurrent to care.

The NLP engine powers the shared platform for Optum® Enterprise Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) and Optum® CDI 3D. This integrated solution reviews 100% of your cases to support more complete and accurate documentation, coding and reimbursement.

Optum CAC Professional leverages NLP to enable consistent, compliant professional coding for optimal operations and accurate revenue capture. Its Coding Review Module verifies the accuracy of physician-assigned codes to support appropriate reimbursement.

Optum® Lynx Outpatient Charging Applications use proprietary algorithms and apply OPPS guidelines to facilitate consistent charge capture and code assignment. They offer comprehensive tools for emergency department, clinic, oncology, observation and infusion services.


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Reduce A/R days, DNFB status

Dignity Health saw an 11% decrease in A/R days


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Improve case mix index (CMI)

Comprehensive code capture supports more accurate billing 



Increase coder productivity

Trinity Health, Minot, ND, increased inpatient coder productivity by 21 percent.


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With the Enterprise CAC platform, we've eliminated a lot of rework, so we're getting more accurate bills out the door faster.

– Trent Chastain, Vice President, Revenue Cycle, Trinity Health
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