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Smartsourcing, not outsourcing

We help physician groups achieve unparalleled performance, predictable revenue growth and cost savings. With more than 30 years of experience, we manage your revenue cycle and patient engagement strategies. This frees you to focus on patient care and physician productivity.

Revenue cycle transformation - our approach focuses on creating low- to no-touch revenue cycle processes, leveraging analytics to uncover root cause issues, and inserting our ambulatory experts to apply consistency and discipline across operations.

Patient engagement solutions - more than just a call center, our proven practices and technology turn every patient interaction into an opportunity to increase revenue, cut costs, grow patient satisfaction and improve physician group performance.


Low-to-no-touch RCM processes

Strategically applied AI removes manual tasks and costs 


Smart patient engagement 

Attract, acquire, retain with seamless outreach 


Predictive and
prescriptive analytics

Identify systemic errors and areas of  performance opportunity



Promoting growth in physician groups

Some groups are thriving under today’s market pressures by engaging expert partners that immediately innovate, enhance and scale revenue cycle operations for more predictable growth and outcomes. This e-book offers strategies that your group can implement today.

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Helping physician groups solve for total patient engagement

Optum drives patient access efficiency and financial improvement at every step of the patient journey, from scheduling and care navigation to payment resolution. Learn how to turn every patient interaction into an opportunity for improved care access and quality.

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Optum Patient Engagement Solutions

Improving patient access and your bottom line

VISUAL: $200 average

Cost for each open, unused appointment time.

*Source: Healthcare Innovation

VO: Delivering streamlined patient access can be costly and challenging, many practices struggle with booking timely appointments, reducing no-shows and adopting consumer friendly technology.

VISUAL: Booking timely appointments

Reducing no-shows

Adopting consumer-friendly technology

VO: Optum drives patient access transformation and financial improvement through contact center efficiency, revenue cycle optimization, and population health performance.

VISUAL: Contact Center Efficiency

Revenue Cycle Optimization

Population Health Performance

VO: More than just a call center, our proven practices and technology turn every interaction into an opportunity to increase revenue by 15%-20%, cut cost by 10%-15%, grow patient satisfaction and improve medical group performance.
VISUAL: Increase revenue 15% -20%

(achieve via physician utilization and appointment efficiency) – small text on screen only

Cut costs by 10% -15%
(achieve via telephonic to digital transition) – small text on screen only

Grow patient satisfaction
(achieve via self-service tools and symptom education) – small text on screen only

Improve medical group performance
(achieve via RCM optimization and physician protocols) – small text on screen only

*Outcomes based on long term strategic partnerships with performance incentives.

VO: Optum Patient Engagement Solutions provides unparalleled support when and where it is needed.

VO: Digitally connecting patients when it’s convenient for them and lowering call volume and

operating expenses through technology optimization…

VISUAL: Technology Optimization (Header)


Electronic appointment reminders

Mobile payments

Price estimation via portal

VO: Improving medical group productivity and revenue cycle efficiency by maximizing appointment capacity and preventing denials…

VISUAL: Productivity and Revenue Cycle Efficiency (HEADER)

Centralized scheduling rules
Physician protocol scripting
Self-pay collections

Eligibility and authorizations


Elevating care quality and increasing revenue through appropriate clinical navigation and analytics

-based care gap outreach.

VISUAL: Care Quality and Revenue (HEADER)
Annual wellness visit reminders          
Chronic care appointment outreach
Data driven care gap analysis

Clinical nurse support         

VO: Our partners are seeing results with meaningful economic impact

15% increase in revenue (VISUAL on screen only, in small text – “appointment no show reduction and increase in wellness visits)
80% of patient responsibility collected at point of service (VISUAL on screen only, in small text – “process improvement protocols)
12% reduction in overhead  (VISUAL on screen only in small text – “reduced staff expense and technology optimization”)

*WESTMED Medical Group resultsVO: Reimagining the patient experience can be an intimidating prospect, but you don’t have to do it alone.  Partnering with Optum transforms a call center from an operating expense to a revenue generating asset.

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