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Patient experience

With millions of newly insured Americans entering the health care system and the shift from volume to value well underway, providers are re-imagining the patient experience.


As patients spend more of their income on medical care, they’ve come to expect more for their money. They want a simple intake process, upfront pricing and convenient payment options. Providers can respond today with improvements to speed registration and make financial obligations easy to understand and simple to fulfill.

But it will take more than accurate bills and self-pay collections to deliver the experience patients seek. In this new era of health care, patients are no longer satisfied with straightforward communications and baseline convenience. They want consideration and comfort. Health organizations eager to earn patients’ trust must therefore step beyond the basics to show genuine respect for the physical, financial and emotional needs of every individual they serve.

Enhancing the patient experience is also about expanding the choices consumers have — about their care, their access and their payments. Providers should be ready with accurate information, good financial education and superior patient advocacy. These new behaviors and capabilities will define their brand and prove their commitment to quality — and consumers will be more willing to pay for this level of experience.

By putting patients at the center of the revenue cycle, providers can offer pre-certification, enhanced patient statements and more price transparency. These kinds of capabilities, combined with staff that can meet your patients on a very human level, ensure first-rate customer service from registration through treatment to final payment — delivering a more positive customer experience and measurable satisfaction.

At Optum360®, we have embraced consumer-driven principles for the benefit of better health. With 46.5 million patient encounters, we have the access and insight needed to simplify the business of patient-centered care.


Optum360 expert

Mike Landen

Senior Vice President of Revenue Cycle Solutioning

“It’s really that pivot toward the patient. Hospitals need to engage patients in a fundamentally different way — to capture accurate information upfront to help with a care plan and to document their care correctly. In the risk-based models, providers still have the same revenue cycle requirements that they do today but with new reporting requirements for quality and patient satisfaction. These requirements influence a portion of their payment and make the process more complex.”

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