Coding and Clinical Documentation

Improve clinical documentation and coding

Accurate clinical documentation and coding are essential to supporting quality care and achieving appropriate reimbursement, especially with the higher level of specificity required under ICD-10. Whether you work in a small physician practice or a large health network affiliated with a hospital IDN, Optum360® offers innovative technology, resources and expertise that can help you take a comprehensive approach to improve clinical documentation and coding accuracy and efficiency.

Optum® Computer-Assisted Coding Professional

Optum Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) Professional is an automated coding solution that reads clinical documentation and then assigns appropriate medical codes. The CAC solution, powered by patented LifeCode® NLP technology, can help you improve coder productivity, improve compliance and achieve timely, accurate coding for timely, accurate reimbursement.

Optum® CDI 3D

Optum CDI 3D automatically indexes all inpatient records to precisely identify and resolve missing or inconsistent clinical information concurrent to patient stay. This helps to minimize the time and resources typically required to manually verify documentation and delivers more comprehensive, precise results.

Coding service

Optum Coding Service can help your practice overcome the issues associated with coder staffing, retention, and training. Our team of experienced, certified coders works remotely and efficiently, leveraging our innovative applications to help you receive appropriate reimbursement for the services provided.

Coding reference

Keep your staff up to date with the latest ICD-10-CM and PCS resources from Optum360. From web-based and software solutions to add-on modules and data files, our digital coding solutions help streamline coding, billing and reimbursement practices by providing accurate, timely code sets, billing information and more. Likewise, our print coding, billing and payment reference guides are reliable tools that help your practice save time, minimize costly mistakes and improve billing efficiency.

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