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Healthy transformation
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We strengthen relationships between payers and providers, build clear connections between cost and care, help providers put patients in control of their financial health, and ensure ongoing regulatory changes are simple adjustments.

Modernizing the revenue cycle

Providing patient-centered, cost-effective care requires a high-functioning revenue cycle — one that is capable of acquiring, assessing and sharing information from the first patient interaction through the final payment. Our 7,700 performance experts provide revenue cycle leadership, innovation and the operational excellence to eliminate the inefficiencies in health care and prepare for value-based reimbursement.

in revenue cycle
management by
health system clients.

across the United States
with revenue cycle
management solutions.

who bring deep
experience at every stage
of the revenue cycle.

Revenue cycle pathways

Optum360® can help you advance to top-performing revenue cycle management.

Key milestones


Improve cash flow and build a base for future enhancements.


Build in automation, staffing strategies and modern technologies.


Integrate workflows and activate analytics to support value-based care.


Launch next-generational ideas to strengthen the health care ecosystem.


Optum360 speakers bureau

Our deep bench of subject matter experts includes executive level health care professionals, technology experts and consultants of all disciplines with years of real world experience.

Our Leadership

Optum360 CEO Tom Boehning is leading the collaboration that will modernize the revenue cycle continuum, and drive innovation and accelerated growth for health care payers and providers.

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Powering a modernized services and technology platform for provider revenue and services management

Optum360 helps make health systems work better for everyone by modernizing provider revenue and services management. We power a premier modernized services and technology platform for provider revenue and services management by combining distinguished capabilities in people, technology, data. Our solutions are both proven and scalable so that each organization can achieve its individual goals, ranging from departmental improvements to transformational collaborations.

Only Optum360 can leverage the global resources, relationships and unparalleled industry perspective required to ensure its clients can eliminate the inefficiencies in health care, can prepare for value-based reimbursement and are ultimately free to design the system of their choosing.


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Improving the patient experience

Optum360 partners with clients to improve patient experiences and satisfaction while reducing administrative costs.

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