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141,797 new codes.
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The era of ICD-10 is here, bringing new opportunities for improved documentation and more accurate reimbursement. Hospitals nationwide work with Optum360® to leverage the power of ICD-10 — boosting productivity, improving focus on critical cases, and ensuring faster and more accurate revenue.

Build an ICD-10 rapid response team.

When revenue emergencies strike, providers need to respond quickly. This article shows how to build a team of first responders for the ICD-10 era.

Warren Hansen


“We are actually thriving under ICD-10.”

If the transition to ICD-10 wasn’t just a bump in the road for your organization, find out how this health system experienced minimal impact thanks to the right technology and help from Optum360 Coding Service.


ICD-10 productivity: Reasons for optimism

Dire productivity losses were forecast after the ICD-10 transition. With careful planning and strategic partnerships, hospitals are proving that they’re up to the challenge.

Mark Morsch



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Optum360 experts

Optum360 experts were there when ICD-10 preparation began. Now we work closely with providers, using the strengths of the new code set to improve outcomes from bedside to balance sheet.

Shelly Walters

Associate Director, Provider Consulting

With over 16 years of experience in end-to-end revenue cycle and leadership roles, Shelly has focused squarely on ICD-10 since 2011. She helps providers nationwide deliver meaningful ICD-10 transformation.

Shely O’Laughlin

Vice President of Consulting

A sought-after speaker on ICD-10 topics, Shely offers providers a uniquely holistic perspective across operations and systems. Her expertise spans the revenue cycle and provider organizations nationwide.

Lauri Gray

Product Manager, ICD-10 Content

Among of the first to receive AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM/PCS trainer certification, Lauri uses her expertise to oversee the development of the core Optum360 ICD-10-CM/PCS books and supplemental references, including the Coders’ Desk Reference for Diagnoses.


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