Audit Management

Maximize workflow, minimize future audit risk

OptumTM Audit Management provides all the tools needed to effectively handle Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) and other Medicare audits and prevent future take backs. Designed specifically to meet Medicare and other payer audit requirements, this solution allows you to predict financial impact of claims audits, as well as identify and resolve the sources of claims errors.

Key benefits
  • Efficiently manage all steps in the audit process, from notification through appeals
  • Quantify risk and provide insight into root causes of problems
  • Reduce future take backs and protect revenue
  • Accelerate audit resolution and improve documentation request tracking
  • Minimize backlogs in workflow
Customize your claim edits

Using claim edits that are based on known target issues, Audit Management enables you to assess risk, monitor deadlines, identify root causes and calculate net financial impact.

Know where you stand in the audit process

Dashboards and administrative tools help hospitals efficiently manage steps in the audit process from the time they are notified to completion of claims review. The software details information requirements and deadlines, provides claim edits based on known RAC issues and provides progress updates and performance reports throughout the audit and appeals process.

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