Outpatient Charge Capture

Charge consistently for outpatient services

Tighter reimbursement regulations and complex rule sets can make it difficult for hospital administrators to achieve a compliant and consistent charging strategy across all outpatient services.

“We’re earning an additional $59,000 per month just by making sure infusion stop times are documented.” — Luz S. Ronquillo, RN, MA, CCRN, RN-BC, Director of Informatics, Raritan Bay Medical Center

Optum360™ helps facilities charge consistently across the entire outpatient care spectrum. From the emergency department and primary care clinics to specialty clinics and infusion and oncology treatment centers, our outpatient charge capture solutions can help your facility obtain appropriate reimbursement for services provided. Our solutions include:


ED Charging Application

Capture correct charges in the emergency department

With more than 50 percent of hospital admissions coming through the emergency department (ED), an efficient, comprehensive outpatient charging strategy is essential to accurate reimbursement. Optum™ LYNX ED Charging Application helps hospitals achieve consistent evaluation and management (E/M) visit level assignment, infusion service charge capture, procedure charge capture and ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding.

Oncology Charging Application

Calculate oncology charges with greater accuracy

Optum™ LYNX Oncology Charging Application was specifically designed to address the financial, compliance and audit challenges faced by hospital-owned infusion and oncology treatment centers.

Clinic Charging Application

Demonstrate charging integrity

Optum™ LYNX Clinic Charging Application provides an effective charging methodology that helps ensure charging integrity across multiple hospital-owned outpatient clinics. It offers consistent facility and professional evaluation and management (E/M) assignment, infusion services charge capture, procedure charge capture and ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding with general equivalence mappings.

Observation Charging Application

Comply with observation services charging requirements

Facilities must understand and follow Medicare rules about observation charging — rules that change regularly and warrant process changes for multiple departments — in order to appropriately capture charges. Optum™ LYNX Observation Charging Application is specially designed to help calculate observation services charging in adherence with Medicare and other payer reporting requirements so that you can capture the revenue you have earned.

Infusion Charging Application

Charge for infusion services with confidence

Unlike clinical documentation typically used for exams and procedures, there is rarely a one-to-one relationship between infusion and injection treatment, and applicable charges. Infusion services, as a result, are often a prime target for payer audits and regulatory agency investigations.

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