Payment Management

Automate payment processes for efficiency

Optum™ Payment Management is an ASP-based, all-payer solution for managing remittances. It provides tools and resources to help you efficiently manage and automate payment processes, from capturing payment detail to posting and reporting the data. This solution supports comprehensive, efficient payment processes by consolidating and standardizing information from multiple formats and automating data flow, batch verification and posting.

Process payments quickly and easily

Optum Payment Management is designed to automatically retrieve scanned copies of your paper EOBs and associated checks directly from your existing bank lockbox. It also retrieves and validates electronic 835s from your payers, and routes the data to the appropriate solution components for processing.

Key benefits:

  • Eliminate paper storage and access challenges
  • Improve accuracy and reporting
  • Eliminate manual scanning, payment posting and reconciliation
  • Streamline and simplify filing, storing, retrieving and distributing paper documents and electronic data
  • Quickly locate information, immediately edit and resubmit bills online, and reconcile remittances


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