Optum eFR platform

Intelligent workflow for patient financial information

What if you had a clear and complete view of patient financial information in a single application? Hospitals nationwide use the intelligent eFR® Platform to achieve exactly that — streamlining business operations and workflow, preventing lost claims and realizing sustainable financial improvements.

  • Improve financial results. Integrate disparate data to reduce denials, write-offs and A/R days.
  • Increase productivity. Identify bottlenecks and root causes with exception-based workflow automation.
  • Enable transparency. Pinpoint problem areas with comprehensive dashboard reporting and analytics.

AnMed Health optimizes workflow and improves revenue cycle performance.

By eliminating “black holes,” improving efficiency and enabling seamless reporting, AnMed Health used the eFR Platform to achieve dramatic financial results.


Effectively optimize your revenue cycle

Hospitals and health systems can partner with a services organization that offers multiple solutions, including oversight of the entire revenue cycle. Learn more about collaborating to address your organization’s multiple unique needs and goals.


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