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Smooth operations, smart care

To realize your health care vision, reimagine your revenue cycle. Our experience, solutions and services can help you achieve the efficiency you need and the health outcomes your patients deserve.


Achieving a clear and timely view into your revenue cycle can not only increase margins, it can guide the strategies that will transform the patient experience.


Eliminate inefficiencies, increase margins and prepare for value based reimbursement by examining opportunities across the revenue cycle.


Optum360® is helping providers achieve their vision by changing the way we think about the revenue cycle.

Discover 24 ways toward a denial-free future

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Tackling the Biggest Challenges in Healthcare

See how leading health care organizations are coming together to pursue a denial-free system

Revenue cycle pathways

Optum360 can help you create pathways to a top-performing, end-to-end revenue cycle management system. Through a well-sequenced set of improvements you can:

Key milestones


Improve cash flow and build a base for future enhancements.


Apply technologies, health information and staffing strategies to realize revenue integrity.


Integrate workflows and activate analytics to support value-based care.


Launch next-generation ideas to strengthen the health care ecosystem.

Simplify the patient experience.

Optum360 partners with clients to improve patient experiences and satisfaction while reducing administrative costs.

Gaining a competitive edge

As providers deepen their collaboration with payers, they can leverage revenue cycle strategies in population health, risk sharing and patient satisfaction.

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