Optum™ Enterprise Computer-Assisted Coding Platform

Help your organization improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity with a solution that simplifies and streamlines the coding process. The Optum Enterprise Computer-Assisted Coding Platform (Enterprise CAC) provides your coders and clinical documentation staff the information and tools they need in a single, streamlined solution.

A truly integrated solution

“While the transition to ICD-10 may have been delayed, we’ve already seen how the Enterprise CAC solution has delivered millions of dollars to our bottom lines.” — Susan Hoyle, Coding Manager, Inpatient/Observation, Mission Health System

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Enterprise CAC connects departments throughout your facility so that clinical documentation is as accurate as possible at all stages of the coding process, with less room for coder interpretation. Your coding staff can complete more cases in less time, increasing productivity.

This proven solution gathers the information and tools coders and clinical documentation staff need to deliver high-quality results that strengthen compliance and condense the revenue cycle, enabling health care professionals to work more simply, accurately and efficiently.

Comprehensive Platform — Enterprise CAC is a fully integrated solution, with CAC, coding and reimbursement tools, enhanced workflow and automated CDI capabilities that are designed to work together as a whole. It’s a single solution that can meet all of your coding and clinical documentation improvement needs.

Optum CDI 3D — Optum CDI 3D takes documentation improvement opportunities to the next level, with intuitive, intelligent and clinically based case-finding technology that allows CDI specialists to prioritize workflow by monitoring documentation throughout the patient stay. At the core of our unique approach to CDI is our patented LifeCode® natural language processing (NLP) engine, which works together with our proprietary algorithms to identify cases with the highest opportunities for improvement.CDI 3D is available as an independent solution, or it can be paired with our Enterprise CAC for a truly integrated user interface for CDI and coding.

Optum Coding and Reimbursement Module — Our incorporated logic- and book-based encoder simplifies the coding process by providing easy access to clinical references, edits and coding and reimbursement tools needed to complete a case. There is less room for coder interpretation, which enhances accuracy and, reduces the chance of denials and rework while improving reimbursement.

Optum CAC Workflow Module — Automate case assignment to coders and boost productivity for coders and managers alike. The automated workflow module eliminates steps in the coder process and helps prioritize cases with a high probability of clinical documentation improvement opportunities.

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